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FORUM Credit Union has a variety of tools and resources to encourage better saving and spending habits.  Each month in our newsletter we highlight financial topics to promote financial wellness.
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How To Be A Smart Borrower

Learning how to be a smart borrower can be one of the most important money saving skills over the course of your lifetime. Most people will be in the borrowing phase for a significant stage of their life. Learning how to lower your overall cost of borrowing can provide significant benefits. Continue reading "How To Be A Smart Borrower."

SaveItUp Moment


One of the most important tools for keeping aware of your finances is to enroll in alerts for all of your financial accounts. 


Our next  SaveItUp Trivia will be the week of August 14, 2020.

Budgeting Tools

Want to change your financial habits? Check out our budgeting resources to help you stay on track.

Additional resources can be found here
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